SS-36-PIER, SS-48-PIER, SS-60-PIER 3-sided Outdoor Gas Fireplaces

Brand: Woodbridge Fireplace
Type: Fireplace Outdoor
Fuel: Natural Gas Propane

Our SS PIER fireplaces are the perfect design feature to include in any outdoor entertaining space with two long sides and one short side open to provide 270 degrees of viewing.

Woodbridge SS series outdoor fireplaces are heavy duty and made completely out of 304 brushed stainless steel to withstand outdoor elements for lifetime. Heavy stainless steel construction and electronic ignition controls provide durability and ease of operation. The substantial flame presentation and reflection create an amazing ambience.

SS PIER fireplaces are available in Propane or Natural Gas models with different sizes of viewing area: 36", 48", and 60"

Standard Features

* Can be framed in wooden structure and finished with non-combustible facing material.
* Dynamic flame reflection from ember glass and brushed stainless steel chamber.
* Clean face. Can be covered with non-combustible material for minimalistic look.
* High-grade 304 stainless steel construction. Stainless steel flex connector.
* Electronic ignition with battery back-up assures operation during a power failure.
* ON/OFF Remote control with built-in timer. Electronic Ignition system.
* Highest quality of materials, components, and workmanship.
* Limited Lifetime Warranty.


Fuel Type NG LP NG LP
Input Rate, Btu/h 40,000 38,000 60,000 56,000
Manifold Pressure 3.5" w.c. 10" w.c 3.5" w.c. 10" w.c.
Inlet Pressure (MAX) 10.5" w.c 13" w.c 10.5" w.c 13" w.c
Inlet Pressure (MIN) 5" w.c 11" w.c 5" w.c 11" w.c
Fireplace Depth 18" 18"
Dimensions (HxW) 33.75" x 42" 29.75" x 54"
Viewing Area (HxW) 17" x 36" 13.5" x 48"
Shipping Weight (lbs) 130 150


Model: SS-60N-PIER SS-60P-PIER
Fuel Type NG LP
Input Rate, Btu/h 75,000 75,000
Manifold Pressure 3.5" w.c. 10" w.c
Inlet Pressure (MAX) 10.5" w.c 13" w.c
Inlet Pressure (MIN) 5" w.c 11" w.c
Fireplace Depth 18"
Dimensions (HxW) 29.75" x 66"
Viewing Area (HxW) 13.5" x 60"
Shipping Weight (lbs) 170


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