FBB Outdoor Gas Firepit Burner

Brand: Woodbridge Fireplace
Type: Outdoor
Fuel: Natural Gas Propane

Our FBB round burner with glass media and optional log set is designed to suit your vision for the most ultimate living space.

Standard Features

  • High grade 304 stainless steel burner construction to ensure lasting quality
  • Clear glass burner media and various fire glass top media colour options
  • Allows for flexible design of your cozy seating area.

Create your own custom enclosure for Firepit Burner (see examples above), or order an optional Brushed 304 Stainless Steel round enclosure (28" Dia. x 16" High) along with the matching rain cover to complete your contemporary outdoor gas fireplace.



Model: Firepit (FBB)
Height (without optional cover) 5"
Diameter 20"
Shipping Weight (lbs.) 48
NG Input Rate (BTU/h) 60,000
LP  Input Rate (BTU/h) 54,000


  • Optional 304 brushed stainless steel enclosure and matching lid.

  • Optional 1 piece hand detailed log set for a campfire look


  • Optional topping media