Thermostatic Gas Fireplace Blowers A100010 & A100014

Type: Accessories

Standard Features

  • The Universal Replacement Blower fits most of the gas fireplaces and is easy to install due to compact size, supplied Velcro pads, and magnet equipped thermostat switch.
  • The Blower Assembly comes complete with a variable speed control and a built-in thermostat activation switch. One Year Manufacturers Warranty.
  • Please refer to specifications for Models A100014 (120 c.f.m.) and  A100010 (140 c.f.m.). 


Model:   A100014                             A100010
  C.F.M.            120                                     140
  Overall Width       12.75"                                 12.75"
  Depth           2.75"                                   3.65"
  Height          3.5"                                      4.3"
  Mounting method        Velcro                                  Velcro