DV92 Peninsula Gas Fireplace

Brand: Spark Modern Fires
Type: Fireplace Fire Ribbon
Fuel: Natural Gas Propane

Fire Ribbon Direct Vent Tri Vu

Standard Features

  • DV92 Peninsula allows you the luxury of viewing Fire Ribbon from three sides.
  • Clean modern appearance.
  • Safety of fixed ceramic glass.
  • Versatility and ease of installation.
  • Vent through the roof or side wall.
  • Heating capacity enhanced with integrated fan.
  • Approved for bedrooms, bathrooms & all common rooms.


Model Input (Btu/Hr) Efficiency
High Low

DV92 Three Sided



Up to 80%


  • Customize your DV92 with a media tray and decorative stones or fire glass.

    Additional Features for DV92-(N,P)-E model:

  • Electronic ignition with battery back-up assures operation during a power failure.
  • Remote control with built-in thermostat and flame height modulation.