Classic Wood Fireplaces R90 & EX90

Brand: Regency
Type: Fireplace
Fuel: Wood

Regency's high efficiency fireplaces put a designer face on a hard working heater. Just load up your Regency and truck in for a cozy night's sleep. Delivering up to 70,000 BTU of high efficiency heat, your Regency will burn for up to 8 hours while you rest.

Standard Features

  • EPA Certified
  • Ceramic glass
  • Airwash system
  • Brick-lined firebox
  • Andrions
  • Single rod draft control
  • Outside kit


 Max. BTU

 Log Size

 Burn Time

 Optimum Efficiency

 Firebox Capacity


 Room Size

Flue Size



 up to 8 Hrs


 2.5 cu. ft

 3.72 grams/hr

 2200 sq.ft



  • Louvers in gold, black or brushed steel
  • Cast iron grills in gold, black, nickel
  • Blower
  • Screen door
  • Heat Wave kit
  • Gravity air kit